​Last week, 2 of my colleagues and I went on an inspection to one of the facilities we manage. And as usual, I drove. I didn’t ask the car owner questions; I got the key and got a little fuel and moved. That wasn’t my first time using the car. I saw no need to make any further inquiries about a car I drive often. Inspection over. We were having a good time discussing about random topics. My unit head did most of the talking; the other guy asked questions, while I laughed and took pictures while driving.

That’s against the law. Don’t try that on your own. Suddenly, the engine shut down and the happy mood in the car escaped. As a car guy; my diagnosis was either we ran out of fuel, or the battery went flat. I got fuel (3 more times, actually). The car remained numb. No joy. Eventually, we got 2 other batteries and found out we actually ran out of fuel and the battery went flat on us at the same time. 

The owner of the car confirmed that. That was a new development. He should have told me his car now burned more fuel and his battery wasn’t as good as before. But I never asked, did I? I just assumed the car was fine. And I got the same amount of fuel I usually buy when I go out with the car. The price I paid for my ignorance was high. We were under the rain for hours. We spent more money than we normally did. We missed the staff bus and had to take a cab back to the city. And yes, we were stressed much.

Before you buy a car; ask questions. Before you use a friend’s car; ask questions. Before you hire a car; ask questions. When you’re with your Mech for repairs; ask questions. Do more than asking too; go online, read wide and know more about your car. What you don’t know may not kill you; but the price of ignorance is pretty high these days!!!


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