The Mystery Car With 5,000 bhp!!!


This UAE born machine is no car at all. So much has been said since it’s introduction to the automobile world. Will 5,000 bhp ever be a reality in a production car? If yes, when will the makers finally deliver this Beast? We wait… It should arrive this year. After much consideration, it was removed from our just concluded #10mostwanted series. How do you match up 5k bhp with cars that barely have above 1.5k bhp? Gross misconduct!
It’s 12.3L V16 Quad Turbo engine, and 4,000 N.m of torque
shoots this amazing Beast from 1 to 100 kmph in 1.8 seconds! With a top speed of 560 kmph!
The makers have promised between 7 to 10 units, at about $1.5m each. When it finally hits the road, it would be the most powerful production car in the world!
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you The Devel… The Devel Sixteen!!!


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