Number 1!


Our Numero Uno is the American made Trion Nemesis RR; set to be released this year. This a whooping 9L, Twin Turbo V8 engine; with a top speed of 435 kmph. With 2000 horses, an acceleration of 0 to 100 kmph in 2.8 seconds isn’t fast enough. The makers have assured us that no 2 cars would be the same- unless you order for an identical pair. 50 units of the Nemesis RR are expected and 9 black ops edition. The black ops edition would come with the predator mode and lots of cool tweaks. Pricing is around $1m for the Nemesis RR and $2.5m for the Nemesis RR Black Ops. You can start calling your bankers and placing those orders.
Once again, let’s give it up for America. I’d love a race between the Number One and Number Three on this list (The Nemesis RR and Venom GT). Both have the same top speed. The Venom GT has a faster acceleration, but the Nemesis RR has more horse power.

Which car do you think would make it to the finish line second and first???

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