Number 2!


Sallam Aleikum, my dear readers. Greetings from the Middle-East. Our “spot” car for today is no stranger… Though many of us don’t know it’s name. Seen Furious 7? Yeah, that flying car! The Lykan Hypersport is the brain child of W-Motors. Founded in Lebanon and later moved to U.A.E. Production only lasted for 2 years (2012 – 2014), with only 7 units built. Legend has it that 6 bulletproof units (with different specifications from the production editions) were built specially for Furious 7.
This is the first indigenous car from the Middle-East. Imagine going for a boxing match as a challenger, and winning the belt. The Lykan is such a belt winner. At $3.4m per unit, you’re bound to cause no small pandemonium anywhere you go. It has a torque of 960 N.m, 780 horses, a top speed of 390 kmph and a superb acceleration of 0 – 100 kmph in 2.8 seconds (by the way, it’s a 3.7L, Twin-Turbo Flat 6). You can hardly find a 6 cylinder engine with such an acceleration. Great performance. Great looks.


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