Number 7!


What happens when you decide to design a car in Mexico and build it in Italy? An inferno on wheels, literally… This is the Inferno Exotic. Take a deep breath; because what you’re about to read has the potential to blow you away.
It’s not available yet. But production is expected this year. We know little about this vehicle; even the official site doesn’t say much.
With a torque of 908 N.m and 1,400 horses; it’s twin turbo V8 engine will produce an acceleration of 0 to 100 kmph in less than 3 seconds. It’s top speed is said to be 395kmph.
Now to the fun part. The inferno exotic will be the first car made from “foam metal”. This is a stretchable kind of metal; produced from zinc, aluminium and silver. It has the ability to stretch to 100 times its original size. And the aim is to absorb impact. There’s no price tag yet. Let’s hope this dream comes true.


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