Number 10!


Welcome to Denmark. The birthplace of this wonderful icon: The ZENVO ST1. Production started in 2009 and only 3 of the proposed 15 units have been made. This is one of the few cars manufactured entirely by hand- save for a few parts.
Under the hood is a 6.8 Litre V8 engine, that comes in 2 options- turbo charged and super charged. With a top speed of 375 kmph, a torque of 1,430 N.m and 1,104 horses; this baby is ready to shoot you from 0 to 100 kmph in 3 seconds. Amazing!!!
This machine is an awesome sight to behold and drive. Apart from the incidence on TopGear when a unit caught fire, it has had some good reviews in the automotive world. And with $1.8m you can own a piece of this wonder on wheels.
… Don’t you wish you had one already???


5 thoughts on “Number 10!

  1. Wow but no thanks… I’m patiently waiting for the car on the number one spot… By the way, ZENVO ST1 is quite amazing..

  2. 0-100kmph speed is seductive. But I’m looking for a car within $5-7M I want it for my wife. She’s all that excites me. Her love melts me like ice-cream in the deserts.

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