Big Engines, Bigger Problems!!!

solar_flight02_sized.jpgThis piece is not about cars in particular. I’d be talking about planes. Planes have bigger engines and generate more hydrocarbons than automobiles. The automobile industry has seen a swift shift from the use of fossil fuels, to alternative sources of energy. And by the end of 2030, the production of internal combustion engines should cease. Cars are becoming clean and green. What about planes? So I decided to satisfy my curiosity. I once read about a solar-powered plane being tested a few years back. I checked online to see if solar energy is the only consideration to wean planes off fossil fuels. I found out a number of biofuels are currently being tested. Some as independent sources and other in combination with the traditional jet fuel. I also found out hydrogen is also being tested. Oh, what a relief. It’s possible to reduce emission of hydrocarbons on land and in the sky. I bid all researchers to keep pushing the frontiers of possibilities. The future really depends on us.


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