We Are Back!

This morning; I noticed one of my colleagues searching online for tips on how to buy a car. I wasn’t peeking; she was holding her tab just right in my line of sight. LOL2013+Interior-Gear-BMW-5-ActiveHybrid-View-588x420.

It got me thinking about what non car-fanatics visit car sites/blogs for. Someone who isn’t much of a freak isn’t interested in the specs or price of the new Bugatti Chiron. Or if the Bentley continental flying spur is still the fastest sedan. Or how the Lykan was tweaked to fly in furious7. Or whether Bruce Willis jumped out of a moving car in red and jumped into a moving car in red 2; or it was all video editing and tricks. No.

Non car-fans are interested in the simple stuff. How do I buy a car? How do I manage my fuel? How do I read the specs of a tyre before I buy it and what should I look out for? Can I buy a flooded car? What are the chances of being scammed when I try to buy a car online? What is i4, v6 and w12. What’s the difference between carburetor, injector and turbo charger? What’s the difference between oven baked and normal car spray painting? Will alloy rims make my car heavier or have no effect? Is there any advantage of driving auto over manual?

These and many more are the questions that drive them to car sites/blogs. As I resume car blogging again; I assure all my readers (car fans, drivers and everyday people) that you would never find this space boring or incomprehensible. Stay tuned.

Questions and articles are also welcome.


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