Car Wars III

Welcome to the world of COMFORT; where machines do the ‘struggle’. Your car anticipates and shifts you to the next (higher) gear. Acceleration and deceleration are smoother than a knife gliding through butter. I’ve seen (no jokes) a guy driving with his right hand and his left knee hanging out of the window. Strange things happen here, and I have my own story too. 2 years ago, I went out with a friend. He didn’t park well and left the key for me to do it right. In the spirit of ‘comfort’, I sat in my seat (the front passenger’s seat), turned on the ignition, shifted the gear to ‘R’, released the emergency brake, moved back, shifted it back to ‘D’ and parked well. No stress. And everybody was happy. But automatic gear transmission cars are not perfect, don’t be deceived. In my opinion, manual gear transmission cars already won this tug-of-war even before it started. I’d show you.

They’re easy to drive. We all know this.
The transmission flow, acceleration and deceleration are smooth. You don’t have to physically shift the gear. And yes, there’s no clutch. Your feet stay calm like leaves floating on still water.
Automatic transmission cars are better for short trips. And also easier to handle in heavy traffic. Most of my friends in Lagos (Nigeria) have ‘ported’ from the manual to the automatic world. You know the reason, don’t you?
(You may not believe this; but there are cons)
They’re more expensive to buy and maintain.
They’re slower than manual transmission cars, because they have a longer transmission response. This also means they consume more fuel… and the noise? Not cool!
They’re boring to drive. For people who have been driving manual transmission cars for 5 years or more, switching to automatic is boring. My Mom’s first day driving an automatic transmission car was so funny (she’s been driving manual cars for 20years + and counting), she asked me, ‘what do I do with my left leg’? Good question. To counter this, especially when I’m the only on the car, I listen to music.
And the “Nigerian question”? Can you push or jump-start an automatic transmission car? Yes and yes. To push an automatic transmission car, put it in N (neutral), that’s all… to jump-start; I’ve read many articles on that. The summary; put the gear in D2 and jump the car. That is dangerous. I’ve never tried that. I’d advise you to get a jumper-cable and save yourself the trouble.

Now you’ve seen why the manual transmission wins. You can overcome only nos. 3 and 4, but not the first 2 cons.


3 thoughts on “Car Wars III

  1. Try over-taking with an auto that decides to disagree with u…..ur practically flooring the accelerator and the engine is revving and ur not moving..person ur trying to over take looks at u like “Really???” And zooms off. Smh. Tres embarassing. With a manual,rapid shift to a lower gear and u burst forward happily. Manual wins. I may be old school,it may be a power trip,but I like the control.

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