Car Wars II

Welcome to the manual world; where things happen fast with the move of your hands and sequential use of your feet. The number one rule here is SPEED. The manual gear transmission cars were the first to arrive; so they deserve our respect. Their existence today demands our respect even more. Nowadays, we have automatic transmission cars with ‘sequential sports shift’. But I dare say; manual transmission and sequential sports shift are not the same… the functions are there; but the feelings and activities that characterize the manual transmission are lost. Not a bad idea though.

Manual transmission cars are cheaper than their automatic counterparts. They’re also cheaper to maintain.
This is my favourite: manual transmission cars are faster, because they have a quicker transmission response. I can do 1-100kmph in 8seconds (forgive me, I don’t drive a Bugatti).
The fact that they’re faster also means they consume lesser amount of fuel, than their automatic counterparts.
Manual transmission cars are better for long journeys. (ref nos. 2 and 3).
Manual transmission cars have a better handling. You’re actually in control of your acceleration, deceleration and gear choice. You’re the one driving; not the car driving you.
This is a test of strength, endurance, timing and reflex… manual transmission cars are truly physically exhausting. There are days when I’ve had to turn off the engine in heavy traffic. I’ve experienced back aches and numbness in my feet so many times. Manual transmission cars ain’t for boys. Beware *LOL*
Now, this is where so many fail: this is the test of accuracy. How do you find THE BITING POINT? How do you balance the clutch and throttle? This is where so many retire and embrace the ‘automatic life’. I’ve seen grown men sweating and struggling in their cars, looking for that elusive biting point. One of my friends has a law; ‘once you’re driving a manual transmission car, you’re pardoned if your car ‘goes off’ 3 times or less’. I’ve been embarrassed many times in traffic because of this. And if you’ve ever driven a manual transmission car, you know this. The green (traffic) light comes on and you joyfully put the gear in 1. Other cars start moving and you attempt to join them, then the engine ‘goes off’! Oh, the choir of yelling, varied car horns and swear words in diverse tongues… *LOL* Not to worry, you’d overcome this with time and constant driving.

In my opinion, the CONS of manual cars are not disadvantages at all. This is so because they’re surmountable. Once you’ve mastered the art, they take their place/s in the driving museum of your mind!


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