Car Wars I

In this post (and series of posts), I’d be comparing the automatic and the manual gear-transmissions cars. I’ve done a little research; and I’d also be telling about my experiences with both. I’ve been driving manual transmission cars for well over a decade now. But I didn’t start driving automatic cars till 2011- before then, I had the assumption that they were for lazy people.
Two-thirds of the cars I’ve driven till date are manual transmission cars. So, personally, I’m biased towards the stick shift. The only automatic transmission car that gave me the chills and thrills of a manual transmission car was the Ford F-150 (double-cabin; V8, 5.4L). Its huge size and sheer power is breathtaking… I savored every second behind the wheels. All other automatic cars I’ve driven were boring.
Meanwhile, manual transmission cars give you raw power (yes, raw; not refined), speed at its highest form, maneuvering and transmission response at the speed of thought and much more. The level of activity is also worthy of note- you can’t be bored.
Last year, I went out with my uncle to do some shopping, and I took the Golf Mark4 (automatic), because he liked it. I was asked to get some more things with my cousin, so I decided to take the Passat B4 (manual) *I’m sure you’re wondering! Yes, my family members are V.W fans* on our way out, I told him I preferred manual to automatic transmission car. He gave me the blank stare, and I smiled. It was raining then, and the manual transmission was the better choice; for dodging pot-holes, braking abruptly and picking up speed with ease.
Today, many young people prefer the automatic transmission for varied reasons. I only know 3 of my friends who prefer manual transmission cars. Not encouraging. The 2 major reasons the automatic transmission fanatics hold on to are; the comfort they get in heavy traffic and on bad roads, and the fact that manual transmission cars have a knack for ‘shutting down’ in odd places and at odd times. I can relate to the latter more.
Really, both cars have their pros and cons… Grab your pens and pads (and tabs), because I’d be telling you some secrets in the next 2 posts.


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