Your car needs these too!

Emergencies do not send us any arrival message/notification. They just show up… anywhere and anytime. So ridiculous. Having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere when you have no jack could be frustrating. A fire incidence could be equally frustrating when you have an expired extinguisher or none at all. I’d be listing 12 emergency equipments you should have in your car. Some you already know/have. Some you’d be hearing for the first time. Let’s go…
NOTEBOOK/JOURNAL + PEN: what do you need a notebook for? I’ve never used a car without buying and keeping a journal in it. I learned this from my mom. She’d make notes of her visits to the mechanic; what the problem was, what was changed/fixed and the next appointment (if any). You could also add when last you did your car’s alignment and wheel balancing, painting, or body work. If you are keen on numbers like I am; you could also note your car’s mileage (at the beginning of the week and the end of the week). This will help you estimate how much you travel weekly, daily and you could also calculate how much fuel you use in a week.
FLASHLIGHT: if you’ve ever had to change a flat tire at night or had issues with your car at night, you’d know the Importance of a flash light.
EXTINGUISHER: nobody wishes for a fire incidence, no normal person does. But if it happens, or it happens to another road user; you’d need an extinguisher.
TOOL BOX (SCREW DRIVER, SPANNERS + JACK): you are neither an engineer nor a mechanic; why do you need one? It’s not all the time you have car trouble you’d be able to drive to a mechanic. Sometimes, the car just refuses to move in the morning, at home. Or it breaks down on your way from work. If a ‘Good Samaritan’ comes along, s/he may need these things handy. When you call you mechanic, he may not be able to bring all his tools if he doesn’t have a car also. So, you are making things easier by having your own tool box.
FIRST AID KIT: accidents happen; but no one wishes for them. It’s safe to have a first aid box handy in your car. It should contain the basic things; scissor/blade, gauze, plaster, cotton wool, bandages, methylated spirit or any other cleaning agent, a dressing agent and some pain killers.
BRUSH & TOWELS: you’d need these when you want to clean or wash your car. Or when there’s an emergency; someone gets injured in your car and there’s blood all over or a baby throws-up in your car.
JERRY-CAN: if you’ve ever run out of gas or needed to get water for your radiator; you’d know the importance of this. I’d advise you have 2 (1 for water and 1 for fuel).
C-CAUTION: you need in case of an accident or a break down; to warn other road users and prevent further accident/s.
FOOT-MATS: these are for aesthetics, you’d say. But they’re also useful in case there’s an accident or emergency. If you are driving and you run into an accident scene; you could use your foot-mats as blankets, you could use them to carry the victims. You could also use them to fan the victims or to protect your clothes when you want to check something under the car.
TOW ROPE: you’d need this when a towing vehicle isn’t available. This is recommended for those who travel a lot. You may need someone to tow your broken-down car or help tow someone else’s car.
JUMPER CABLES: instead of jump-starting your car every time the battery runs flat and ruining the engine; get a jumper cable/cord. It will save you the stress.
CAR MANUAL: used (tokunbo) cars are all over now, so it will be a wrong assumption to say “all cars have user’s manual”. If your car didn’t come with any, no worries. The internet is your friend… just download one and use it. There are things your mechanic doesn’t know and cannot tell you about the car. The people who made your car already thought of this and came up with a user’s manual. Get one and if you already have, use it.

You may also have other ideas of things that could be useful in the car in case of an emergency, be kind to comment and add to this list. Cheers.


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