It’s expected that by 2020, driverless cars will be commercially available; how prepared are we… especially in Nigeria? I’ll be looking at “what should be done” and “what we want to see”; in reference to driverless cars!
Good and accessible road networks should be provided.
We should also have an online traffic / transport database and iMaps.
An on-going ‘geo-tagging’ process: to update new buildings, roads and landmarks on the database.
GPS / GPS-based apps should be made available on mobile phones. Now, cars come with Satellite-based navigation systems. But in the absence of that mobile phones could be used for tracking and navigation.
In the U.S, 3 states (Nevada, Florida and California) have already passed a legislation permitting the use of driverless cars on their roads. So, our law makers should also follow suit.
We also need public awareness on the advantages and profits of driverless cars.
This is the most salient point, in my opinion; we need training and re-training of our automobile engineers and technicians to meet up with current challenges and trends.

Today we have diagnostics machines that detect faults in car. It will be “cool” to see future cars come with a self-diagnostic mechanism! That will solve half of the problem for engineers and technicians.
With the proliferation of hybrids, we ought to see fewer cars that run on fossil fuels. We should see more ‘green cars’; for a cleaner environment.
Remote ‘driver-car’ communication: we want to see cars that can communicate remotely with the driver. For example, my car should be able to drop me at work and go back home; and when I’m done, I should be able to ‘command’ it to come and pick me.

Driverless cars do have their own advantages, but auto-freaks like me will still want to handle the steering wheel in years to come. So, the possibility of totally ‘eliminating’ regular-cars from our streets is slim. What’s your take? Would you prefer to be chauffeur driven by on-board computers in your car? Or do you still want to enjoy the thrills of driving in the coming years?


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