Today, the strangest thing happened to me… I was confused for a minute and amazed at the same time! Was it a dream? Was he an alien? How did he do it? These are a few of the questions I asked myself.
On my way out this morning, a green 1980 “Honda prelude” overtook me! Ok, that’s normal. But the abnormal thing is this; this same car overtook about 4 or 5 other cars, in a zig-zag fashion… Jason Statham style! My mouth dropped open; I could only say “Aaah”! I followed him; ’twas a hard chore! But I soon caught up with him! When I looked behind the steering-wheel, I saw an elderly man- in his late 40s or early 50s! My mouth dropped a second time! He looked at me and zoomed off!
I pursued again, but this time I couldn’t, I just couldn’t… He beat me this time! Wow! He was that good…
He finally, slowed down to switch to the opposite lane. I looked at him again, brought out my phone and took a picture!
One lesson from my weird experience; life is not about what you have or don’t have. Life is (all) about your attitude.
This man drove his ’80s ride like it was some 2012 race-car! He was proud to OWN it and DRIVE it! He didn’t just only school me on the road; he schooled me on LIFE!!!


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