Under the Hood

A few years back, I’d have passed for a get-away driver; I’d get into the car, crank the engine, rev it for a few seconds, and off I go! But things changed when I got my first car. I became more aware of my responsibility as a driver… Not just moving the car from place-to-place. But making sure the car is in good condition; and this involved looking under the hood every morning.

The fact that you fuel your car regularly doesn’t mean you are maintaining it. There are other things to be done. There are 5 fluids you should check regularly. Quantity alone is not important, quality is also a factor. For instance, if the oil becomes dark in colour and spent, it loses its viscosity and doesn’t work as it is supposed to. These 5 fluid are:

  1. Brake and clutch fluid.
  2. Gear box oil.
  3. Power-steering transmission fluid.
  4. Water (in the radiator).
  5. Engine oil.

These 5 should be checked every morning, before you crank your engine. By so doing, a reduction in the level, change in colour or leakage would be spotted in time, without any major damage to the car. Prevention is easier and cheaper. Don’t be in a hurry to drive; remember to open your hood every morning!



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