The Monster SUV

The Mercedes Benz G-Class is a unique S.U.V. It combines uber-luxury comfort with off-road capabilities. It is also known as the G-Wagen or Geländewagen. Its production started in 1970; for the military. And commercial production began 9 years later.

This vehicle has been tuned by various companies; including AMG, Brabus, Hamman and Renntech. I shall be comparing the AMG and the Brabus productions.

The AMG comes with an 8-cylinder engine that oozes 507Hp; while the Brabus comes with a whooping V12 engine, with 700 horses. Brabus borrowed the 12-cylinder engine from the Mercedes Benz S-600 and lent it to this monster truck. The AMG comes with a 5.5L engine, while the Brabus comes with a 6.3L engine. The AMG comes with 19” standard rims, while the Brabus’ rims range between 20” and 22”. The AMG hits a top speed of 130 miles an hour (208 kmph); while the Brabus comes in at 150 mile an hour (240 kmph).

Now, the good part… THE PRICE! Why go for a regular G-350 or G-550 if you can afford the G-55 AMG or the G-55 Brabus?! The G-55 AMG goes for about N30M. While the G-55 Brabus goes for about N70M.

The G-55 Brabus combines all 3; Speed, Ruggedness and Luxury comfort. If you love driving like i do, this is the S.U.V for you!


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