Driving Tips For The Rainy Season

i-             Make sure your wipers are in order.

ii-           Make sure your horn, headlamps and tail lights are working.

iii-          Use your a/c when it is raining or use the heater (this helps to defrost the glasses and improve visibility).

iv-         Do not speed. There is a higher propensity for your car to skid off the road when it rains; because the roads will be slippery.

v-           Do not overtake at slopes or bends. It is very risky.

vi-         If the rain is so heavy that you cannot see, PLEASE PARK and wait till it is okay to drive.

vii-        Do not make/receive phone calls or text while driving! It can wait!

viii-       Do not use drugs (especially sedatives), drink alcohol, or smoke before or while driving. They can alter your visibility and/or motor skills.

ix-          Always drive in-line with other cars ahead of you; even if you know the road very well.

x-           Check your tyres regularly. You do not want to have a flat tyre in the rain.

xi-          Avoid driving into flooded areas or jumping into pot-holes. These are not good for your car.

xii-        USE YOUR SEAT-BELT!!!


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